Ozaukee County Jail Literacy Program



Ozaukee County Jail Literacy Program, Inc.
Student Letters

Although I will not have had enough time to achieve my HSED, I have finally been pointed in the right direction and am several steps further towards attaining it. I give you my deep appreciation and gratitude for helping me take a step in the right direction of life.

I would like to take this time to thank you all for having this program in the Ozaukee County Jail, especially for Hispanic people like me, who get a chance not only to have an education but to learn in the English language. It is very hard for me, but the teachers are very good and they help me a lot. It makes it easier when you have teachers who take pride in the job they are doing.

I am very lucky to be given the oportunity to have earned my HSED and I owe that to the teachers for the one-on-one effort that they gave me. Now that I have obtained my HSED, I plan to further my education and come out of jail a better member of society. Thank you again for allowing me the opportunity to become a high school graduate fulfilling that empty spot I've always had because I wasn't a high school graduate.

I have taken full advantage of the situation that I am in for cointinuing my education here at Ozaukee County Jail. I appreciated all the time the teachers have spent with me. It has been a great learning experience for me and in part my family.

The teachers we have are very wonderful and understanding. They make sure we learn in a manner that will best benefit us in accomplishing our goal for completion.

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